Which HP docking station can I purchase?
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Calling all HP docking station experts! Which one of the cheaper models works with my laptop (Elitebook 8460p)? And why are there so many different models?

I'm trying to purchase an HP docking station (or port replicator -- whatever) off of eBay for my work laptop (elitebook 8460p), but there's far too many varieties of docks (and price ranges). I can't find a reliable source for compatible docking stations for my laptop. When I do find a dock that's a good price, I'll only find a couple of results for compatibility with my laptop -- there's seriously a ton of different HP dock models.

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the chart on this page at HP support says the 8460p is compatible with all the 90,120,230W HP docking adapters...
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what page?
posted by apip at 11:50 AM on March 22, 2013

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