Open.. open.. rghargh why won't you open#($*@#)
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Looking for a jar grip/opener much like this one (the beige thing, not the blue thing it's on top of). Thick rubber, ridges/grooves.

My mom's had this one for 15+ years; there are no identifying marks on it and she can't remember where she picked it up. I've never seen another one like it and can't find any online. All I find are either the very thin grips, or the weird handle-sort.
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My local Walmart carries almost that exact thing but they call it a pot holder, best jar opener ever!
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How about this? Or this?
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If you have enough dexterity to wrap a rubber band around the edge of a lid, this method is miraculous.

If you or the intended recipient have a dexterity impairment, this is obviously less handy.

I only mention it because I, a female person with fairly small hands, astound and amaze everyone by removing impossible lids this way all the time. It's like a magic trick. It has never failed me. (There's more too it than just "getting a good grip." Something's happening to distribute the force around the lid to provide more torque or something.) The thick rubber bands that come around broccoli stalks or celery work best, though a thinner rubber band is easier to get around the lid.
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