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Hi, thanks in advance for helpful comments, suggestions, recommendations. I am looking to begin an improvement project on a single fam home the day after tomorrow in Arlington, TX. So, of course I waited to the last minute before deciding to seek alternate options to Home Depot and Lowes (the only big box home improvement stores in the area). That's all I need, Mefites! I will have to go get the materials from Southwest Arlington TX, so preferably
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Any reasonably sized lumberyard should be able to supply wood clapboard or OSB for underlayment, if you need those. They may also be able to get you vinyl siding if that's your preference, and almost certainly modern wood-based materials such as HardieBoard (you need to know what's acceptable to your code folk, of course). Beyond that, basically look for a place labeled "siding supply" or "builders supply", e.g. Alside which keeps coming up for me. Have your dimensions ready (wall length/height, subtract for doors/windows, add 10% to avoid another trip). With a whole house to side, they will deliver.
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