Name this Bath and BodyWorks CD please
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OK, so this was, I think, 7-8 years ago. I believe that is was around Christmas time but that could be totally wrong. I bought a CD at Bath and BodyWorks and it was a deep discount like 60% off? And, the topic was Love. It was awesome, real jazzy and there were some french songs on it too.Do you know what this cd was? Or the playlist? this came up bc there is a famous french jazzy love song and i can';t remember what is was so recommendations on that would be great too.
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Did it look like this?
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Ok, so mine isn't from Bath and Body Works, it's a William Sonoma CD of jazzy French-themed love songs. But I figured it's worth a shot.

The Last Time I Saw Paris. I'm very fond of it. Could La Vie en Rose be the song you were thinking of? The Madeleine Peyroux version on this compilation is very nice.
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Playlist for freezer cake's suggestion.
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is this the song?
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Thank you Freezer Cake! As soon as I saw the cover I knew that was it! Cool!!
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