Inkwells wanted
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Motivated by this question, do any of our fountain pen wielding brethren (and sistren?) know where to get empty inkwells?

I'm looking to "mix my own", and don't want decorative/expensive/collectable but plain/cheap/functional. Most pen places like Fountain Pen Hospital have nothing, and google has not helped. I was thinking that just a standard small glass bottle with screw-on cap would suffice, but... where?
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I use a standard small glass bottle with screw-on cap that used to hold makeup. It's broader than it is tall, so it's pretty tip-proof and works nicely. If you know someone in a lab, they might be able to get glass scintillation vials, but those are kind of tall.
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I know it's sad to waste it, but I think you'll find it will cost about the same to get an empty inkwell as a full inkwell from your local Office Supply. I believe last time I bought one (5 years ago?) I paid about $5 CDN. You could then just dump out the ink, wash it out with isopropyl alcohol, and you're all set.

If it's glass and the ink won't come out, acetone will clean it handily. Avoid getting it on painted surfaces or plastics.
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Best answer: You can get small bottles and jars for less than $1 a piece at places like Specialty Bottle or SKS Bottle. Technically, I think you'll want a jar, not a bottle.
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You can buy nice inkwells in antique shops for not overly much money -- I imagine it could really enhance the whole experience to have a solid little antique embossed glass thingie.
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If functional is what you are after, anyone with a new baby should have plenty of baby food bottles around; the smallest size should be just what you need (2 oz., I think)
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Response by poster: RichardP - I think you nailed it.
Rumple - I've thought of that, but my experience is that they're few and far between. But I'll keep my eyes open.

Also, maybe a medical/scientific supply store is something to consider. Maybe Edmund Scientific, or something similar. Thanks, all!
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Best answer: Maybe something from American Science & Surplus?
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Response by poster: mbd1mbd1 - Yes! That was the one!
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Check out The web site itself needs some pretty serious work, but Norm is quite accessible by email and knows his stuff.
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Levenger sells all sorts of products for pen and ink needs.
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