Aiport shuttles in Chicago? Is this a workable plan?
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How does the airport shuttle work at the Embassy Suites Chicago - O'Hare/Rosemont?

I've been to hotels that use a hotel-branded mini-van, and you have show your reservation to driver before you can go board. Likewise, you would book a seat on the shuttle back to the airport during check-out.

I've also been to hotels that had a shuttle bus stop outside, and you rode (free!) with passengers from a number of local hotels. On these, you just get on and no one asks any questions.

How does the system work at the Embassy Suites Chicago - O'Hare/Rosemont? If I had to travel between this hotel and the airport, morning and evening, for 4-5 days (but was not a guest at this hotel) would I be able to use their shuttle?
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I can't speak to the shuttle, but if that option doesn't work out, the Rosemont Blue Line station is just a 10-minute walk to the Embassy Suites, and O'Hare is literally the next, and last, stop outbound on the Blue Line.

There should be a sidewalk on the east side of River Road all the way to the station. (I would cross River Road near your hotel and walk up the east side all the way to the station.) Certainly not the most pleasant walk, but I used to commute via the Rosemont station daily and I would see people walking and to from the station.
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Best answer: According to Tripadvisor reviews, it's the second kind - where you ride with passengers staying at other hotels (in this case two other hotels). There is definitely no booking or anything - it comes every 20 minutes. In fact, it looks like the Embassy rents out parking spaces for those going to the airport, so not everyone on the shuttle is staying at the hotel.
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Confirming theuninvitedguest, I've known people that use the hotel's 7-day special package. You get one night at the hotel and 7 days of parking on their grounds. The shuttle will take anyone going to the hotel, reservation or not.

That deal alone is cheaper than 7 days of parking on the main A/B/C decks and about a wash if you normally park in the remote lots. But if you have an early morning flight, the hotel stay is worth it.
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I literally just did the O'Hare aiport shuttle thing like two days ago. Most hotels there had a combo of what you're describing-- a hotel branded mini-van that accepted passengers no-questions-asked, but only went directly to their hotel. I don't know if they were SUPPOSED to ask for proof of reservation, but we rode twice with two different hotels and neither did. You might want to call the hotel if you're wary.

You could walk to/from the Rosemont station, but it should be unnecessary.

The shuttle was really convenient for us going back and forth. If it helps, when we took the shuttle from the hotel to the airport, the guy asked who our flight was through (for drop-off purposes) and we were like "oh no we just need to get to the airport to take the train into the city." And so it was done, with no eyebrow raises.
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Response by poster: Cheers! That's exactly what I needed to know.
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Unclear if you're planning on taking the train from O'Hare to the city at all or not, but in case you are: Be aware that as of sometime in the last couple of months, fares from O'Hare specifically are now $5 rather than the usual $2.25.
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