Where to enjoy a Blatz beer in Milwaukee?
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Where's a nice place to sit and enjoy a Blatz beer on a Saturday night in Milwaukee? My wife and I are cobbling together road trip ideas for our upcoming anniversary, and I suggested a pilgrimage to Wisconsin to have a Blatz.

Extra Details: I know they aren't brewed there anymore but as we live in southern Manitoba, Milwaukee seems like an interesting place that's within feasible driving distance given our time frame. It may seem like a long way to go for a beer but she's been curious about it for years (Blatz is her maiden name) and we can't get it locally. As good a road trip excuse as any!

(our local beer vendor was only willing to import a pallet at a time which is rather more of a commitment than I'm willing to make.)
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Burnhearts! 2599 S Logan Ave. Prost!
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say what? Blatz is still around? Angry calls to local distributors forthcoming.
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Blatz is actually produced by Miller in Milwaukee these days (or so I recall). I hear the Miller tour is fairly decent so you might want to see if you can look that up.
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Not sure where you can get a Blatz, but the Miller tour is free, and you will get four free glasses of various beers at the end, and possibly directions to where to find Blatz locally, so worth checking out. Also check out Lakefront Brewery if you're interested in beer in general, their tours have a great reputation, but schedule in advance, they fill up fast.
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I've heard good things about Burnhearts. If you like live music, I know the Cactus Club used to carry Blatz, I'd be shocked if they didn't still have it. I can't say for sure, but I would think Landmark Lanes should have it, and it's worth checking out for the bowling + arcade.
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Also, since it's your anniversary, check out At Random for an intimate old-school lounge feel, and order a Tiki Love Bowl, or delicious alcoholic ice cream drink.
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Excellent, thanks! Your suggestions are much appreciated! (and At Random looks fascinating)
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Yes, you should definitely go to At Random -- you just have to, at least once! The interior hasn't aged a day since the 1970s and as far as I can tell, you can only listen to the Rat Pack -- it's like stepping into a bizarro past life. Take note: they do not take any form of payment except cash (although they do have a sporadically-functional ATM), and they do not serve beer or wine at all; they only serve liquor and froofy ice cream drinks. Per their namesake, they also keep very strange hours, which are not accurately posted anywhere; sometimes they're open on Tuesdays at 11 AM, sometimes they're closed on Fridays at 8 PM.

Burnhearts' is in Bay View, the neighborhood where all the aging punks/hipsters have moved in order to purchase cheap real estate and procreate (not necessarily that order). It's a nice bar, smack in the middle of a totally residential part of BV, but in my experience it contains mostly coiffed and beautiful people, which (to me) is the antithesis of Blatz. Blatz does not fuck around with Instagram filters. Blatz is what my first-generation German immigrant grandmother drank by the case, then let me keep half of the proceeds whenever I agreed to haul a cardboard box of bottles back to the corner store to get her deposit back. Cactus could be a better bet, and is very close to Burnhearts', although their remodel left them looking more like a concrete-countered Qdoba than the beautifully sticky dive of yore.

IMO, if you want a true (rather than nice) Blatz experience, you can only go to Wolski's. Wolski's is definitely gross and loud and dive-y but a) it's been open for over a century and b) it's really the only place I'd ever send anyone to have a Blatz if they were visiting from out of town specifically to have a Blatz. Plus, you can go home with a commemorative/locally legendary "I Closed Wolski's" bumper sticker as a souvenir!
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Miller tour is fairly blah. You want to take the Lakefront Brewery tour.
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Got back yesterday. We actually ended up finding a box of Blatz at a Pick & Save near the hotel; we drank from cans and played board games. Perhaps not the "true" Blatz experience but we had a wonderful time in Milwaukee all the same and I'd certainly go back.

By the by, it is indeed produced by Miller (under contract, or something) which had a pretty interesting tour though if I came back I'd definitely do the Lakefront one as well.

Thanks again for your suggestions, everyone!
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