Auditorium rental in NYC?
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I need to rent an auditorium or theatre for a night. My organization is having its annual meeting and they need 200 seats, a meeting room, and a reception area. Is there a directory of theaters/auditoriums/conference centers in NYC?

I've been Googling "nyc auditorium rental" and "nyc theater rental," so I've got that covered.
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Check with a large hotel. They frequently host events of the size you've described. Hotels really geared for event services may be listed as "hotel and conference center".
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Ditto on the hotels, any larger hotel is going to have a conference center which should include a ballroom space, plus they'll be able to set up seats, tables, etc. to any configuration you require (for a price of course).
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Ethical Culture Society
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Here is the directory from the New York Convention Bureau (or NYC Company as it is called now)
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The advantage of using a hotel is that they have on-site event planners and caterers and can provide your guests a place to stay.
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