Can I Eat It - The Slow Cooker Edition
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I have an egg based bread pudding in the slow cooker and the power went out.

Hi all - The recipe calls for 3 hours on low. The bread pudding cooked for about 45 minutes on low and then the power was off for 90 minutes. I've just turned the slow cooker on high and plan to cook it for 30 minutes and then finish it on low. Logic being I should get it up to temp as quickly as possible.

Verdict? Can I eat it?
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(Internal temp currently reads 126F)
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I will base my answer on the assumption that you are a healthy adult with a robust immune system:

Eat your pudding, and enjoy it.
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126 F before you turned it back on? My verdict would be that it's no worse than eating this pudding prepared in a more sluggish or less well-insulated slow-cooker. I'd be more worried about overcooking it by turning it to high.
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(It sounds delicious, btw. Would you be a kind soul and share the recipe please?)
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We'd need to know the temperature it was at when the power went out, and specifically, how long the food was below 140 degrees F (or in the danger zone), to know with any certainty whether it's salvageable.

That said, it's probably fine, since we can assume it was above that after 45 minutes on low and didn't drop below that temperature immediately.
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Ok, based on Smoq's link, it would have to be two hours below 140F. I'm gonna eat it. Probably. If I feel gutsy.
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Eat. Or send it to me and I will eat it and report on how delicious it was and whether or not it killed me.

Seriously, the guidelines smoq linked to are designed to avoid any least-likely possibility of liability on the part of public restaurants. They err on the side of being ridiculously safe.

My friend's mother used to make quiches and leave them out on the counter for us kids to munch on for a day or two. We're all still alive.
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Ate it. It was a savory bread pudding involving commercially prepared frozen cheesy bread and it was awesome. I'll never be able to show my face in Whole Foods again.
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