Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende: The Scenic Route?
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In July I'm flying into Mexico City for my friend's wedding in San Miguel de Allende. I have two days (or so, it's pretty flexible) to get from the airport in FD to SMdA, can you help me figure out the best route and/or means of transportation? And also what I should do for fun and/or adventure with the extra day or so I have to explore the area?

I'm traveling alone. I have some little Spanish, more all the time, and some big itch for adventure. I've been to Mexico before, but really only the state of Sonora. My budget is fairly limited—I can't hire a palanquin, and I can't go skydiving or anything—but I'm willing to save extra to make this a memorable trip.

Looking at maps, I feel a little daunted by the distance between the two cities (~150mi) and don't really know where to start looking for a way to get from one to the other. Oh, and back again for my return flight...

That said, I scheduled some extra time so I don't have to feel rushed, racing to the wedding. I arrive on a Sunday, rehearsal dinner isn't until Thursday, but the house we're all staying in starts welcoming guests as early as Monday. Wedding guests will be trickling in that whole time. I'm thinking I'd like to show up on Tuesday, spend a few days with scattered friends before the wedding stuff starts in earnest.

That leaves a good portion of Sunday and all day Monday for me to do pretty much whatever I'd like around the Federal District. Or... I could spend the whole time on the road, wending. Consider me open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!
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The consensus on the Internet is that you can get from Mexico City's Terminal Norte bus station to San Miguel de Allende in about 4 hours via a direct bus.

If it were me, I'd spend the entire time exploring Mexico City which is one of the most amazing cities in the world (recent Ask Mefi question on Mexico City). Then, when I'm ready, catch that bus and show up in San Miguel.
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Seconding vacapinta; Mexico City makes NYC look small and bland. Leave at the last possible minute and go with the ETN bus company. You'll get an enormous comfortable seat, Wi-Fi, seat-back movie screens, a stewardess, and lunch. That bus was the most luxurious form of transportation I've ever taken, cost less than USD 25, and made for a story in itself.
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Thirding ETN or Primeraplus buses. I've made the Mexico City to San Miguel trip via bus and it was great. It's about 4 hours from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende.

Memail me if you need any help buying tickets. ETN has no online store, but they sell tickets in a lot of convenience stores around the city.
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