Where can I donate handmade quilts in Maryland/USA/internationally?
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My mother retired and has been making quilts at an amazing pace. She can make all sizes. She also knits and crochets blankets. She has plenty of fabric/yarn, but nobody to give her quilts to. Does anybody know a specific group, WITH CONTACT INFORMATION, that she can donate them to in Maryland, the USA, or internationally?
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She might like Project Linus, they have several contact phone numbers for Maryland.
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Your local hospital might like them.
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You also might want to contact your local domestic abuse shelter, homeless shelter, and/or hospice facility.
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You could also try and sell em. On etsy.
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Came to suggest Project Linus and local domestic abuse shelters. If the shelters can't give the blankets away fast enough (I doubt that), they may be able to auction them for fundraising.
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Forever Warm
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The Children's Inn in Bethesda (link and link) or Ronal Mc Donald's -type houses, if closer to you
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Afghans for Pine Ridge is a Ravelry group that knits and crochets afghan squares, sends them to a nice lady in Louisiana who assembles them, then ships them to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.
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Quilts for Kids is a great organization that donates homemade quilts for kids who are in the hospital, gives them a little touch of comfort.
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She could also contact her local animal shelter/rescue group. They often need blankets and the like.

There's also The Snuggles Project, which donates small quilts and the like to animal shelters for the animals.
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Her current blankets might not meet their guidelines, but WoolAid could be an option for future projects. They donate handknits to really cold places in asia.
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She could donate to the American Red Cross (that was the Baltimore link). They are the first response team to support victims in emergencies like house fires, or earthquakes, etc. I can imagine being wrapped in a warm quilt could perhaps give some help to someone watching their house burn down.
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Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. Or any Ronald McDonald House, for that matter. I work for one and we give out quilts made by people in the community to all our incoming families. Many times it's the first blanket a child sleeps under outside of the hospital.
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When the police need to remove children from their home for whatever reason, they frequently need to wrap the children in quilts or whatever they have. Also give them stuffed animals to hang onto.
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My aunt quilts and donates the goods to her church for auctions they have for various fundraising activities. I dont know how loarge or complex her quilts are, but some of my aunts have netted over 200$ at auction.
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eQuilter also does regular quilt relief operations, you can find specific contact information at that page (names, organizations, addresses, etc.). Also, I've known them ever since they started their website way long time ago. They're stand-up people, and Luana Rubin, who runs it with her husband, often shares photos of quilts collected on her Facebook and Flickr. Following her on Facebook is a good way to be updated on any new quilt relief things she comes across, as well as inspiration. (It's all findable from their website too.)

Loads of really neat suggestions in this thread!
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The PBS show Sewing with Nancy has a segment where she talks to someone from the sewing/quilting world on each episode and a number of them have been organizations like this. You can see a list of those featured, including links to the organizations and how to donate, here.

Also, she should definitely enter them into her local county or state fair.
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