How Do I Upload a File from (iPad) Onlive Plus Back to Dropbox?
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I recently started using Onlive Plus and like it a lot. But I'm stuck on one thing. Once I have downloaded and edited a Dropbox file in Onlive, how do I get the file back to Dropbox? The Onlive FAQ says, "After you edit a file, save it and upload it to Dropbox," but I can't figure out how to accomplish the upload from within Onlive. And my google-fu is failing me. Thanks in advance.
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All iOS app developers have to have a support link in the App Store. Have you tried contacting them?
posted by alms at 5:17 PM on March 19, 2013

OnLive Desktop Plus? it works just like you would do it on a regular Windows computer.. you'd go to the Dropbox website, log in, and then upload it from there. if you haven't changed the name of the file, it will overwrite the old version once you upload it.
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Response by poster: alms, I have submitted a query to Onlive support. Nothing yet.

mrg, I tried that, but Dropbox cannot "see" my OnLive files.
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Response by poster: Ah, here is the answer from Onlive:

To access your Dropbox account inside the Desktop App, please launch Internet Explorer and type in the address bar. Click on 'Sign In' to log into your account. When you click on upload there should be a prompt that opens directly to the My Documents folder.

Just a note, you cannot upload folders, they must be single files only.

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