JW Player video download advice?
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I need to download video from a jwplayer site. Looks like all the suggestions online require you to be a novice coder. I'm not. I just want this one video downloaded and all the normal Chrome or Firefox extensions don't work. Not even RealPlayer. Anyone care to advise. Here's the site. http://bit.ly/11blqJI Windows here if it makes a difference. Though I can access a Mac if need be.
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So... I checked it out and it turns out it's not just one video, it's a playlist of almost 500 videos.

I don't have anything better to do, so I'm downloading the videos for you. I'll put them in a zip file and send you a download link when the downloading's done (it isn't going spectacularly fast, but within half an hour or so). Each part seems to be about 1MB, so be ready to download ~500MB.

For anyone who wants/needs to know how I did it:
I went to the site and in my browser right clicked the page (not the video) and chose "view source".
In the source there was a bit that started with "jwplayer" and inside that snippet it said file: ""
The .m3u8 tells me that it's not a video, but a playlist of videos.
So I downloaded that file and opened it with a text editor.
At the last line of the few lines in that file it said
So apparently I needed to stick that last part at the end of the URL. So I downloaded and opened that file with a text editor.
In there was the list of all of the videos that were part of the playlist.
and so on and so on.

If you take the original URL and replace playlist.m3u8 with the filename (for instance media_2.ts) you get which you can download.

Luckily I'm a bit techy, so I am using a command line tool called curl to go through the list and download each file for me. Because downloading each of those files individually would have been way too much work.
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The site is using the Apple HLS format for streaming, which is why the video is split into around 500 smaller files.

The VLC player can be used to download the stream.

Select "open network stream", enter the url that bjrn found (, Select "Convert" instead of "Play", enter a filename in "Destination file" (choose .ts as the extension), select "Dump raw input" and press start and the whole video will be downloaded to a file that VLC should play fine. (You can also choose to directly convert the file to another format by not choosing "dump raw input")
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Oh, hey. That's a much easier way to do things. Thanks for the tip!
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