Making Quickbooks and SquareUp play nice.
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Is there an easy, straightforward way to import Square POS information into Quickbooks?

I've found myself doing some light-to-medium level admin work for a small specialty food business, and they use a SquareUp POS system.

They're growing a bit and are migrating everything to quickbooks. The migration is being handled by their accountant/bookkeeper.

We're all trying to find an easy workflow for importing Square POS reports into Quickbooks so that we can stop having a paper ledger, and home-brew forms hanging around. It doesn't seem like Square and QB want to play nice (since QB uses it's own POS system).

Lets assume for this question that using a Quickbooks POS is not an option.
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I don't actually know Square's stuff or anything, but can you export/import a CSV or Excel file?
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Have you looked into eCC by Webgility?

Full disclosure: I just got a job with this company. However this is exactly what eCC does - automates your eBusiness.
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Radioamy, eCC doesn't support Square, at least from everything I've researched (and I'm in the same position as OP, so believe me, I've been studying this for a while!). Is there a possibility it will be added?

If so, fabulous! Please let us know!

And if not, furnace.heart, you might want to take a look at downloading the Square transactions as a .csv from their website (per week? per month? guess it depends how much work the accountant wants to do), then importing them via the CSV import function in QB (which varies depending on what version you're using).
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Square has some help for this on their site. With a helpful link to the Quickbooks help page on importing csv files, even.
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