How to get listed in RSS Feed Reader searchers?
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I have two specialized blogs in very specific areas (palindromes, Taoism). They do not show up when I do keyword searches in RSS readers such as Feedly, while barely related blogs do (e.g. one by a woman named Hannah with palindrome in the title. How can I get my actually directly-on-topic blogs to appear?

Their names are slight variants of the main keyword (The Palindromist, Taoish) so when I set it up with Feedburner I added the keyword to the description in parentheses. Doesn't seem to have solved it. Thanks!
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How many subscribers do you have in Feedly and the other RSS readers you are targeting?
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Response by poster: Probably almost none. I just set it up, like 2 days ago. Is it based on count? How do they match subject?

I'm struck by the fact that there are very few matches on these admittedly obscure subjects, and most of them have only a keyword in the title by way of actual connection to the subject.
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I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if the RSS feed search of online RSS aggregators took # of subscribers into account in ranking search results.

I know that at least one of the varies the frequency at which they fetch a given feed depending on the number of subscribers.

I'd also expect that Feedly and similar services are dealing with a surge of new users and activity in the wake of the news that Google is shutting down Reader this summer. I wouldn't be surprised if their feed search functionality is lagging as they try to keep up more central aspects of their user experience running smoothly (or at all).
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