Besides the NCAA, where else is it March Madness?
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There's the NCAA basketball tournament, of course. And The Morning News' Tournament of Books, and Jezebel's 80s-vs-90s thing. But who else is doing some kind of bracket/tournament thingy this month?
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NYMag's Vulture blog did a Sitcom Smackdown bracket, which caused widespread [internet] mayhem when Sex and the City won over 30 Rock.
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Go Fug Yourself is doing their annual Fug Madness tourney and NYMag had a best sitcom derby.
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There's Fandom March Madness!
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The Atlantic Wire did a Battle of the Brackets last year. Don't see anything similar this year, tho.
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i09 is looking for the Greatest Sci-Fi TV Show
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After the tournament is over, Seattle sports radio station KJR (and some other sports radio stations steal the idea) holds what it calls The Bigger Dance each year, which is essentially a lad-mag style beauty pageant.
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Consumerist is running the Worst Companies in America bracket right now.
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American Jesus Madness is matchups based on evangelical pop culture.
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Murray's Cheese is hosting a very cheesy March Madness.
posted by jaksemas at 6:57 PM on March 18, 2013' Disneyland podcast-disunplugged Disneyland edition-Is doing a bracket for best attraction at Disneyland :)
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The women's NCAA tournament begins on Saturday.
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Just saw this fantastic one, "Best Names from the Southern," from the Southern Historical Collection, an archival collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Library.

Here's the full bracket.

In the first round, Polycarp Cyprian Henkel (with a 1 seed) beat Callender Irving Fayssoux (with an 8 seed). Now Polycarp is going up against Marmaduke Swaim Robins. Who will win? It's just so exciting?!
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