How can I efficiently harvest Google's entire cache of my website?
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I stupidly let a web hosting account expire without backing up and transferring my site to my new server. I'm talking to the host to try to get access to my data (fingers crossed), but in case that does not work out: Is there a way to efficiently harvest Google's entire cache of a specific domain? Something else I should consider? I would like to act fast on this, and I don't have any programming/tech-fu skills.
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Have you considered using the Internet Wayback Machine?
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My site is so small/inconsequential that I assumed it would not be archived there, but thanks for the suggestion -- it is! This may save me a ton of effort/worry.
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Update: Hmm, well it's archived on the Wayback Machine through 2009, which is better than nothing, but the last four years are still missing, so I partially retract my enthusiasm and hope others can offer up suggestions.
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Here is a similar question.
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How big is your site?
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Not too big. It's just a personal blog. But I've been maintaining it since October/November of 2000 -- first with hand-coded html updates, which I then transferred to Blogger, then Graymatter, then Moveable Type, then Wordpress, so it's got a long history. It looks as though my kindly previous host backed up all the Wordpress content, at least, which means there are only a small handful of hand-built sub-sites that I need to retrieve from the Google cache gods. So I guess I can relax now. And, you know, never be this stupid again -- at least not in the particular way. I'm sure I'll find some new way to be this stupid in the future.
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Mefi-mail me the details and I can probably help you grab stuff. I'm pretty good at this kind of thing. I'm going to sleep soon, but will check when I wake up.
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In case you didn't know, searching for should return pretty much everything Google knows of on that site. You can even include subdirectories.
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Note that trying to batch download things from Google's cache will get your IP address temporarily banned by Google.
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Thanks everyone, especially ryanrs for the offer to help grab stuff. Fortunately I was able to get a full backup of the site and now it's up and running again. Now I feel sheepish about "wasting" a question, but damn I was scared for a minute there. BACK YOUR STUFF UP, EVERYONE.
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