Most of the sound didn't come from the speaker.
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What emulators are there for the 80s 8-bit microcomputers, that simulate the incidental noises the machine makes — particularly, the sounds of the floppy drive?

I've only managed to find two, and they're both Apple II emulators for Mac OS X. I'm interested in emulators of any and all 8-bit micros, for any and all platforms, as long as they make that floppy drive noise.

The two that I've found:
  • OpenEmulator (open source), which emulates the Apple I and Apple II, but not the //e.
  • Virtual ][ (commercial), which emulates the Apple II and //e.
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this doesn't exactly answer your question, but there's the Museum of Endangered Sounds.
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Best answer: If you're prepared to relax your 8-bit requirement, then the Amiga emulator WinUAE will produce all the crunchy floppy noises you could need.
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Best answer: JavaCPC, if I remember correctly, makes all the right tape & disk noises that an Amstrad CPC used to make. The original used 3" disks, so it's quite a special sound.
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Response by poster: I shouldn't have said 8-bit. If WinUAE makes floppy noises now, it's definitely the sort of thing I'm looking for.
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Best answer: (just gilding punilux's answer, since it's a cross-platform port of WinUAE: FS-UAE adds incredible detail to the Amiga grink-gronk floppy noises.)
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