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Why can't I simply *email* pdfs or a quick status update to a 'project timeline'?

hello project managers or pmp experts or gtd folks!

I'm looking for a software solution that allows me to track (and view) events on a project timeline -- but one that is really well integrated into my email (i can use outlook or anything else).
Example: ability to forward emails from team members to this project, later see who said what when in a timeline. Ability to write a status update email to the project, and have that info automatically appear in the timeline of the project. Ability to forward pdf's or word docs or excel spreadsheets to the project and have them appear in the timeline (and in a document repository associated w the project). Etc.

Why are project management programs (ms project etc) apparently so poorly integrated with email, when email is so obviously the central command center of information flows particularly in a group or corporate environment? Even in a personal context. Anyway, frustrated and hoping I simply missed something since i'm relatively new to project management software.

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Teamwork PM is the tool I recommend to everyone, everywhere, when they are looking to make a switch from MS Project or Basecamp. I only occasionally use it this way, but it integrates exceptionally well with email. It looks like the only few features that I can't update from my inbox are my time logs or milestones. You can test drive it for free.

The team behind it is exceptionally responsive in terms of support.
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I was just going to say we use Basecamp in pretty much exactly the way you're thinking.
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thanks all. its amazing to me that a program as comprehensive as ms project cant do this. Maybe the cloud version of project will have improvements in this regard.
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any ideas for software we could run ourselves (linux or windows) on a pc server that might have this kind of email-to-project integration? I'd be willing to roll my own if there are any good options in that regard... thanks again
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