how much should I charge to improve a LinkedIn profile?
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Has anyone improved someones LinkedIn profile for a fee? I have a couple people who really like mine and would like to pay me to improve theirs. What might the going rate be for something like this? Assuming I write some pieces, tell them who to reach out to for recommendations, etc?
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Best answer: These guys do it for $250.

I generally do it for free for friends, but ask they refer me to others. And then I charge those guys $50-100, depending on the amount of work required.
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Best answer: As a freelance copywriter, my immediate response to "How much should I charge?" is "How much is an hour of your time worth, and how long does it take you?" (Don't forget the initial consultation and any revisions.)

In my market (Portland OR), I get $60-75 an hour for resume work. For something like this, I could see charging a flat fee. So if it takes two hours all told, maybe charge $150.

And if it was a friend, and they were out of work and broke, I'd probably do it for free.
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A third question arises in response to "How much should I charge?": How much is it worth to the client?
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