Recommendations for a simple Web contact form?
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Someone with a simple .HTML/.PHP page and no content management system needs me to put up a "Contact Us" form. In the old days there were a lot of PHP scripts to do this, but I can't tell if any of them are still reliable and secure. Are there any recommendations for one? I'm familiar with all the great ones for Wordpress (Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7) but unfortunately can't use those because this site has no database.

Any help much appreciated.
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Best answer: I've used Google Docs Forms & WuFoo to do this. Both can be embedded in your web page. I think WuFoo is a little easier to use, but there's a fee once you get more than a certain number of responses/month.
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Best answer: I have used Google Docs Forms. It's simple and works well. The appearance is not really customizable.
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Best answer: Another vote for Google Docs forms.
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Response by poster: Thanks !!
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Best answer: Rocket Start (free while in beta) helps you easily create really awesome one-pagers. Check out their examples, they are gorgeous.
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