Best Calendar EVAR!
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I need a calendar that allows me to filter events by categories - additional requirements after the jump.

I need this amazing calendar to

- be browser-based on desktop, since I work on a variety of laptops I can't install it as software on all these machines.
- to have an amazingly easy to use app for iPhone
- allow me to create my own categories and view by category
- and not required, but would love it if I could make a dump from my Outlook that I use for work and import into this calendar, even if its a manual process I would be perfectly okay with that.

I currently use a mixture of Outlook and Google Calendar but none if it goes and the Mail app on the iPhone doesn't allow me to filter by event labels.

Thanks so much for your help!
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I do all of this with Google Calendar. I just invite my work email and vice versa when I need an event on both. Can't you hide a calendar on the iPhone? You can on Android, I'd bet there's a way to hide calendars on iOS as well.
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