An embarrassment of hood ornaments
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I've come into possession of a large box of hood ornaments from late 40's- early 50's American cars. What cool/fun/funny thing can I do with them?

None of them are particularly rare or worth much. ($30-$50 on ebay). They were part of my father's hoard of old car parts, and I'd like to make something with them that's both whimsical and beautiful. All have threaded posts for mounting. Mostly "jet age" looking, this stuff. Some have curved bodies that would match up with the curve of the car's hood, so they can't be mounted on anything flat. What needs a hood ornament in this day and age?
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A bike fender? A Kitchenaid mixer? A chicken tractor?
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Are any of them curved in the right way to be mounted atop your toilet tank lid? Because that would be awesome.
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You should put them all on your car. If there is not enough room on the hood you can also put them on the top of the mirrors and above the windshield.
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Know any kids with a big wheel bike or powerwheels "car"? They might like a giant hood ornament.

Mounting all of them on the same vehicle might be kind of awesome, too.
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Mounted on the wall in a little group they could look pretty cool. If you have a mantelpiece you could mount them in a little row along its edge: kind of like transforming it into a mini Chrysler building.
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Attach corks to them and use them in your home bar.
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If you mount a pair of them to some sort of stand, they could make for pretty cool bookends.
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the curved ones can be mounted on a slightly different curve if you put an appropriately shaped piece of stuff (metal, plastic, etc) in between as an adapter, so don't let that stop you.
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Coat rack!
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Second coat rack, though I like the wine bottle stopper idea. If there's a particularly robust one, perhaps drill it and find a striker to make a door knocker.
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Attach them to fabricated mounts that can be bolted in front of the front brake arms on a bicycle, and sell them on etsy. Hipsters will eat 'em up.
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I like the coat rack, but it would also look good as the type of coat rack that stands on a pole near the door. Following on from that, what about a tree sculpture with a different ornament on each branch, along the lines of this or this.
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Hang them on the wall as a group, and put an empty frame around them (or do several groups this way). Instant art.

Or get them shadowbox framed.

Or put them inside a glass topped coffee table.

I am kind of averse to irrevocably altering them (I also cringe at craft projects that deform old LPs for plant holders or what have you) but that's me. But they were objects created for a specific purpose, and that probably at some point someone put some artistic skill into designing, and that the owner of the new car might have polished with pride. There's history there, to me. So I'd look for a way to display them that didn't damage them.
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Oh and I meant to add, if you do frame/display them, you could include little tags about their year/make if you have that information, because that's just a cool thing to know.
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What about using them as a finial on your lamps?
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Do you have any duplicate ornaments? (matching pairs?). They could become part of the right furniture.

They'd be great for a bioshock-themed computer case-mod.
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Aren't you using them for your superhero helmet? Or at least your bike helmet?
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Tie them together with fishing line and make a wind chime.
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What are those things that hold curtains back from a window? Make those.
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If you make something cool - wine stoppers? keychains? - you could easily sell on Etsy for $40-$50 a piece, minimum.
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Or at least your bike helmet?

As cool as that would look, do not, for the love of God, bolt a big metal grabby, catchy pointy thing to your bike helmet if you intend to keep using it as a helmet!
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Put one on the lid of a baseball cap and wear it around.
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Do you do Christmas? They might make amusing Christmas ornaments, with sentimental value.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions folks. Although these are all helpful, please bear in mind these things are pointy and weight several pounds apiece. Affixing them to bikes, helmets, or hats seems like asking for a puncture wound.
posted by cosmicbandito at 8:32 AM on March 20, 2013

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