Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion from Lion in March 2013?
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I have a late 2008 MBP, 8GB RAM, with an SSD, running Lion without problems. Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion right now? Have the battery life and other issues been resolved? I'd like to upgrade because I've finally encountered a program that requires Mountain Lion and I'd like to use it.

The $20 is not a factor; it's purely about the quality of the OS.

Apologies if this has been asked before and I missed it, but due to the way Apple fixes new OSes I think even asking a few months later can result in a different answer.

Also, is there a software equivalent of MacRumor's Buyer's Guide that would be a go-to for questions like this? I haven't found one yet.
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The go-to place for Mac OS X update details is John Siracusa's review.

In my experience, Mountain Lion a definite improvement over Lion. If you were attached to old functionality, you would have stayed with Snow Leopard.
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I can't think of any reason, save specific hardware or software compatability to stay on Lion.
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Lion pretty much crippled my mid-2008 MacBook Pro, so my general advice would be "Make a backup first". (Time Machine is good for this if you're using it.) But if you've had no trouble running Lion on your MBP, I'd be surprised if Mountain Lion were much different.

I have Mountain Lion on my mid-2012 MacBook Air, and I like it. It's not radically different to Lion, but it has a lot of nice little refinements.
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Upgrade, if only to get updates to Safari and the open source components in OS X. ML also fixes some of the bugs in Lion.
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I don't know why ML ever got a bad rap. It's a bit of spit and polish over Lion and is generally better. The iOS bits are totally ignorable. So yes, upgrade.
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Response by poster: I have now upgraded and am enjoying it. Thanks, everyone.
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