Beauty recommendations in the Twin Cities
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Looking to clean up my look in the Twin Cities. Will you fellow MSPers give recommendations for your favorite beauty spots? South Minneapolis is closest, but I'll take anywhere.

Eyebrow wax/threading/shaping. My brows are in good shape and don't need a lot of work, but I'm looking for a shaping expert.

Facial. I have freckled, pale, reddened skin that's wrecked by winter. I'd like a simple, no-frills facial, and would like to get into the routine of getting one every few months.

A make-up tutorial. I'm hopeless, and want to cultivate a few looks. There are so many make-up places/counters, and I don't know where to begin. I live close to Southdale and an Ulta, but am open to anything.

Tanning. This is a maybe. Might just go a few times for fun, but I'm a pasty, redheaded novice at this sort of thing.

Price doesn't matter. Thanks!
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I really, really suggest strongly that you don't try tanning. It can increase your risk of skin cancer by a lot, especially since you have pale and freckly skin. Maybe look for a good bronzer or self tanner instead, or embrace the pale.

Though this doesn't directly answer your question, I think it's important to know the risks of tanning befor trying it.
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Just chiming in about tanning. Don't do it! Pale is beautiful. Youthful and healthy skin too! Tanning is just so awful.
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Minnesota Monthly magazine usually does a one or two-page feature of a local beauty or spa place in each issue. I seem to have recycled all of mine, but here's the online version of the most recent writeup, "10 Swoon-worthy Spa Treatments." The list includes an eyebrow place and at least one facial place. A writeup from last September recommends Julie Swenson to teach you how to use the makeup you already own.

Have you been to the Sephora at MOA? They are always happy to demonstrate on your face how to do new makeup looks, and there are tons of samples to try. The Star Trib did a small roundup of makeup lesson places about 2 years ago, too.

I know you didn't come to hear this, but I have to echo the advice not to tan. Skin cancer is scary. Also, tanning for beauty purposes is really counterproductive unless you only care about the next 8 years of your life.
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Mod note: Okay, let's focus on answering the questions, please. No more answers that consist only of "don't do the tanning." Thanks.
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Response by poster: Yes, I know about the dangers of tanning and don't need warnings. Thanks for the suggestion so far, vytae!
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I like the ladies at a small salon called Rouge. Though it is in St. Paul, it is barely over the border. They do facials, hair, coloring, and eyebrows.
For makeup, I would schedule an appointment with a make up artist at a department store. Walk through and pick out a brand that you think best represents the style you seek (maybe you don't want to go to the MAC counter, but Bobbi Brown is more up your alley, etc).
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