Backup to CrossLoop for international remote access to my computer
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I have a personal desktop that I want to access from my laptop while I am traveling abroad for the next 4 months (international, not the fastest connections). CrossLoop seems to work but what else should I use that is more robust?

I am thinking I need a more lightweight way to remote in, perhaps via command prompt or something, that is more robust in the event CrossLoop is too slow or breaks.

I am a lazy, kind of techy person. I don't mind learning more gritty detail about how to remote in using EMACS (sarcasm, don't even know if that is possible) or something, but I know nothing about network admin, VPN or any of that stuff. So I need something I setup and use rather easily.

The things I would like to be able to do:
-Search for files and transfer them back and forth between my laptop and desktop
-start and stop tasks and monitor the task manager
-be able to go to websites as if I was in the USA*
-Generally feel the comfort of knowing I can access my desktop (I've already setup a dropbox with all my critical files, but still)

*I know that is ip masking, and I am looking into tools that will allow me to do that but any advice on that count would be appreciated also.
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Point 3: you need a proxy server installed. Lifehacker had a fairly detailed if a bit old discussion. You can run it secure (https) for free by generating a self signed SSL Certificate.

There are a number of options for remote desktop, setting up an ssh server would allow command line access but that's often not worth it on a windows box. I'll be interested in other responses.
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What operating systems do the two computers have?
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Both Windows 7

... I was thinking of loading up ubuntu as a project at one point but no time now (for the home based computer) and besides all the data and programs I want to access are in windows
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Re: Sammyo - Thank you, after reading that I did some google fu and am now thinking of doing this proxy or setting up a VPN with something like Hamachi.

It sounds like VPN is going to cover all of my needs and be faster, allow for US browsing from abroad (am I correct???) but is there any reason I should take the effort to also setup a proxy per the lifehacker article?
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Which versions of Windows 7? I'm asking because Remote Desktop Protocol is pretty lightweight in terms of network connections, but it isn't available on all versions of Windows.
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Both Windows 7 Home Premium
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You can use any version of Windows to connect to another computer using RDP, but the computer you're connecting to must be running certain versions of Windows. With 7 it's Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise, so you're out of luck. It's a pity, because RDP is much more efficient over poor connections than VNC (the backbone of CrossTalk and most other remote desktop tools).
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is it worth it to upgrade?
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Hard to say - depends how slow the connection will be, how important remote desktop access is, how much of a financial hit the upgrade will be etc.

You could look into Windows Home Server 2011 - it's pretty cheap these days (not sure about the US, but I think about $50 minus rebates). It would give you the ability to access files (even stream video) via a webpage and with a bit of port forwarding you could RDP into it and from there do all the task management & proxy browsing you wanted. Obviously this would involve dual-booting it with Win7 so as not to lose your install of 7 for when you return. Just something to look into.

I should say this is not my area of expertise - you might want to ask in some more specialised forums to be sure you're going down the right path.
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