Warm Scents (not parfum de ta mère)
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I'm looking for a good electric oil warmer that works and doesn't look like a child's craft project.

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to burn incense, candles, hookah, etc. in my room. This is my only out for homey scents other than little satchels and pillows and potpourri.

Tending more toward wood and porcelain than tie-dye glass (unless those really are the best) as I'm trying to stay away from the "dubious college hack" look. Mainly concerned about safety and whether it actually gets the scent out there. A warm glow is nice but definitely not a must.

Many thanks.
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I have a plug in diffuser something like the aroma stone (about half way down the page), and it's great. It doesn't get very hot, and it is safe if you forget to turn it off. Mine is a little more plain than this one, but I think this is very quiet looking.
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I have been interested in USB diffusers but haven't tried one. They are sort of the opposite of homey and warm but they are also very heavy on the safety side. If your room always includes a computer, this might be a smell solution, though not a warm fuzzy one.
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I seem to recall my mom having these metal things that could sit over a light bulb on one of your lamps and you could add oils to it. I'm on my phone at the moment, so I can't do a thorough search, but perhaps, if they still exist, that might be a solution?
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Similar to what stefnet was saying, there are lamp oil rings that sit on top of a lightbulb.
You can put your own scented oil in them and they start smelling when you turn the light on.
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Are you set on oil warmer? What about an electric candle warmer like this? Or this, if you don't mind a basic utilitarian look.
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I'm not allowed to even own candles. Looking for a separate electric oil warmer, please.
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If you decide not to go the electric/warming route at all, these scent diffusers from Pottery Barn generally smell nice and do a good job at getting the smell out there in a large bathroom.
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I love these warmers from Partylite. They can be used with wax cubes or scented oil. There's no flame, it just plugs in and the scent fills a very large room. I use it with wax, and the cubes last forever! If wax is completely out for you, I cannot provide feedback on using oil with it but I'm sure the effect is similar.
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