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I am moving to Boston in the near future and I am looking to find some form of interesting/unusual athletic activity.

At the moment I have a fairly routine lifting/running workout routine and I'm looking to add some spice to it by joining a class or activity. The caveat is that I'm looking for something interesting, something with some character. Maybe a semi-obscure martial art or similar activity (when I thought I might be moving to Chicago I had my eye on Forteza fitness) but also maybe something that might be the Boston equivalent of things discussed in this previous question.

Really I'm already getting bored with my current routine of bland workout and I think, having recently acquired regular employment, that it might benefit me to get excited about what I'm doing to get in shape so that I don't forgo it after long days of work.

Please, hivemind, help me add some uniqueness, theater, and pyrotechnics to my fitness!
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Rock-climbing! There's Metro Rock, and I hear that there's going to be a Brooklyn Boulders opening around there soon, too.
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Hashing! Hash House Harriers. Check'em out. A great way to explore the city, too.
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Boston has a really active lindy hop scene - you can go out dancing for 3-4 hours practically every night of the week!
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Have you ever thought of taking up rowing? Great sport.
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Aerial yoga! (That one's in Somerville; there's also a studio in Southie that offers similar classes.) Or if you have a car, you can take classes at Trapeze School up in Reading.
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There's a massive outdoor bootcamp group that organizes free workouts a few times a week. They announce the workouts and locations on Twitter. I can't remember the name and am having a hard time googling, but maybe it'll jog (ha) someone's memory.

There are lots of other martial arts clubs here too, and of course, Cross Fit is everywhere.

But honestly, I'd pick something close to your office or home. The traffic is bad enough here that I can't imagine scheduling a bunch of cross-city trips in the car or on transit, on top of whatever other obligations you have. Make it easy, pick something local, unless it's so specialized (and you're so specialized) that you have to make a special trip for the training.

If you're a woman, Healthworks is awesome.
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The aerial circus arts always look fun. Simply Circus is in Newton.
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I think barnone is thinking of November Project.
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Came in to recommend rock climbing/bouldering as well. Rowing seems like a good Boston based activity as well.
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Roller derby? Guessing you're a man from your profile, so your closest league will be Mass Maelstrom in Lancaster.
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Hooping is fun, a good core workout, and did I mention fun? Looks like there's a pretty active scene in Boston; the Boston Hoop Troop offers classes and has frequent hoop jams.
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Rugby! Boston has a lot of great clubs (both women's and men's), and they're very welcoming of newcomers. And if you've been working out and lifting for a while, that's good background. Lots of body types do well in rugby too; not just the big huge ones.
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Capoeira is popular here. There are capoeira studios in the city and many suburbs.
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Hey everyone, I'm really digging the suggestions thus far, keep them coming.

I noticed that some were suggesting/asking things that were gender specific. So, that being said, if it is relevant to your answer, I am male.

Again, thanks for all the tips thus far!
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Trampoline dodgeball leagues (if you're into that).
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This is a little light on the fitness but definitely good for interesting/unusual--the MIT Assassins' Guild (a LARPing student group) runs an event on most Saturdays called Patrol; it's essentially tag with Nerf guns. You can just walk around or you can run like crazy, totally up to you; if you lean more towards running it can be reasonable exercise. Besides that there are a variety of games that run, usually on weekends, many of which are "high action" and are like tag with Nerf guns except with slightly more complicated rules and hit points. These involve a lot of running around, often up and down stairwells, so they end up being a reasonable workout. Patrol in particular is open to pretty much anybody who shows up; if you want to play in a more formal game you can ask to be put on the mailing list and apply to any games that look interesting to you.
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Circus aerials! I've been doing them for 4 months or so in a much smaller city than Boston and they are excellent for strength, flexibility and endurance. There tends to be more women than men in the classes, in my observation, but it's by no means a female only sport. In fact, guys tend to progress a bit faster in the early stages because of an advantage in upper body strength (although it evens out in upper levels, I'm told).
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Parkour! Google "Boston Parkour" - there are tons of resources. The Parkour community is amazing, you should give it a try!
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For cardio, how about salsa? There is a pretty active salsa scene here, especially in Cambridge. I took classes for a couple years and really enjoyed it; it's a friendly crowd.
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