What is the best way to track and share walking routes on an iPhone?
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For a personal project, I'd like to be able to track my route as I'm walking using my iPhone and then share that route in some form that can be embedded in a blog post.

I see there is an app called 'MapMyWalk' that does something like this, but it seems to require a subscription fee. I don't mind paying a one-off fee for an app but I'd like to not have to worry about paying in perpetuity to keep the shared routes embeddable. (I also don't mind installing software on my own server.)

I'm not wedded to having one app that does everything—if the best approach is to track my route with an app and then export it into a file that I can load into some other software on my desktop or on a server, that is fine.

In their embedded form, I'd be ok with the routes being presented either as maps or as lists of directions. (All of these routes will follow streets and alleys in developed areas, no trails or woods.)

The ability to annotate specific points along the route with comments or photos would be nice but not necessary.

Features I don't care about: anything to do with fitness, tracking calories, telling me my total distances or speed or changes in elevation.
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Not sure that either will meet all your needs, but take a look at Runkeeper and Endomondo. I just started using the free version of RunKeeper for Android and find it easy to use.
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EveryTrail does this.
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Endomondo will do this.
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I believe Motion X GPS (not Motion X GPS DRIVE -- that's for cars) will do much of what you want:

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I use the Alltrails app from National Geo to do this.
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Map my Walk, Map my Fitness....Very easy to use.
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wikiloc does all this. Allows to record your walk on trail map with waypoints and photos and upload/share it with everyone. It is free (both app and website).
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