What can I do on Lamma Island (Hong Kong)?
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Might spend a few days on Lamma Island in the upcoming weeks. Is there anything interesting I should do or see there?

I like music, artsy stuff, and food. I've visited mainland Hong Kong before, so I don't mind skipping the city parts of HK... (although if there's anything fun there around this time, I want to know too!)
I've never been to Lamma Island before, so would be glad for any advice or recommendations. :)
(Bonus question: Are there any piano places (or.. places with a piano) there?)
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Hiking is an excellent, enjoyable activity on Lamma Island, and you will have the added pleasure of meeting international travelers, with their individual stripes and experiences along your hike path, something I've not seen with exactly the same essence in other nations (which as you know, is uniquely a charm and excitement of Hong Kong).
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Seafood. Lots of it. Of course, HK as a whole is known for food, and seafood too. But Lamma island has mom-and-pop places with lots of creatures from the watery depths swimming in glass cases for you to point at and have served up stir-fried, rather than the fancy-schmancy restaurants on HK proper. So it's a bit more fun since it's more low-key.

Don't remember there being any artsy stuff or pianos on the island. Perhaps you might happen to wander into somebody's house and see some baby grands lying about. You never know when you re out exploring!

There's also a sort of fisherman s museum that has artwork made of shells and such. Not enough to warrant a trip just for that and nothing else though.
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