Goodbye, NYC!
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I have an HTC Droid DNA (aka HTC Butterfly, running Android 4.1) and it came with a lot of useful apps. In particular the World Clock and the Accuweather apps are very useful. I have figured out how to add cities to the drop-down menu for those apps, but I can't figure out how to delete them. They both came initially set to NYC, and sorry but I don't care about the weather in Gotham and I want it off both of the menus.

I thought that press-and-hold would give me a popup-menu, but it doesn't. I thought maybe I could drag it to somewhere and delete it, but it won't drag. I've found places where I can rearrange the order of the items in the menu, but there isn't anything that suggests a way of deleting one of them. How do you do it?
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Up top select edit, then select the cities you want to delete. Then press the delete button.
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Menu --> Edit --> List of cities --> delete
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