Where to get cardigan sleeves altered in Toronto?
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I have an awesome new cardigan, yay! I got ink stains on the sleeve! Boo! Any recommendations for someone in Toronto skilled at alteration?

I can buy a new one online for $40, which is definitely an option. But I thought I might embrace the impermanence of such things and have it altered to have the sleeves end either at 3/4 length or even shorter like a standard t-shirt sleeve length. The cuff is unstained, just a little bit further up on the sleeve.

I've never had something like this done before though and I'm not sure where to go. I live near Yonge and Bloor so anything downtown is good, but I can travel for awesomeness. What say you?
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If you want to try and attack the stain, a friend told me that hairspray works on getting ink out. The key is the alcohol in the hairspray. I've had luck with rubbing alcohol. I know nothing of alterations. Best of luck!
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Yeah, I've gotten pen ink out with just rubbing alcohol, so maybe try that first. When I used it, it had no effect on the dye of the actual shirt fabric, but that was an oxford shirt; yarn might work differently, so maybe do a spot test first.
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My neighbours are raving about Silhouette Tailoring (on Queen E, in Riverdale) - I've got a few things ready to go there this coming week. If you're not in a hurry, I can give you my own opinion when they come back.
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It's difficult and expensive to alter knitwear in the way you describe. I would just buy a new one.
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What kind of knit fabric is it? Is it just cloth knit out of tiny small stitches cut and sewn together or is it large stitches that resemble something that could have been (but obviously wasn't at that price) hand knit?
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Response by poster: This is it, so not loosely knit at all. Is it likely to cost more to alter than just grab a new one? I will try rubbing alcohol but it's black ink on yellow that's been on there for about two weeks. Definitely worth a shot though!
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I've used Studio Kim near King and Bathurst for alterations a number of times. Was pretty good i thought.
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I really Magic Tailor at yonge/queen.
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Just seconding the notion that it's difficult and expensive to alter knitwear. My regular tailor (in Chicago) who would charge under $20 to shorten a sleeve and move a cuff would charge closer to $100 for shortening a sleeve and moving the cuff on a knit.
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Response by poster: Hey there, I did try hairspray and it has lightened the stains to the point where I think I can wear it without looking like a total slob, so yay for AskMe ingenuity, especially since you guys think it would be way too expensive to alter!
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Also give toothpaste a try (the classic kind). Leave it to sit overnight and then try gently scrubbing. The few times I've used it, it made the stain completely disappear.
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