3rd Party WiFi for Mac
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Anyone using third-party wireless cards with a G4? I see there are third-party drivers available for some cards. Anyone successfully using these?
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Best answer: I used to use the WirelessDriver with a PCMCIA card on a G4 PowerBook that got very poor reception with an internal card. It worked very well for a several years but the limitations (no compatibility with utilities like iStumbler/MacStumbler, kernel panics if you didn't follow the exact voodoo-like procedure for card insertion or removal, etc) eventually got to me.

On the recommendation of someone on the driver's mailing list, I bought a Buffalo brand card that used the same chipset (?) as a "real" AirPort card and would work with the system's built-in AirPort driver. It was infinitely better.
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Best answer: I use the IOXperts 802.11b driver for an Engenius card on my powerbook.

It works much better than the WirelessDriver did, and in general is pretty good. The user interface (a preference pane) isn't quite to the usual high Apple standards, but it does the job. Overall I'd say it's definitely worth the small amount of money I paid.
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Best answer: I've had this Orangeware driver ($15 shareware) for over a year with no problems. I've not tried any others though, and have nothing to compare it with.
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Best answer: I know I'm late, but a second shout out for the Buffalo card on a PowerBook G4 - plug and play, has worked perfectly...
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One of the coolest things you can do with the active cards is use Kismac for much cooler wifi fun
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