Google Calendar Alternative Needed
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I need to be able to sync at least two calendars between iOS and Android, and I don't want to use Google Calendar anymore. What should I use?

For obvious reasons, I don't trust Google with my calendar anymore. I need an alternative that will instantaneously (or near it) sync two calendars - one on an iPhone and one on an Android. Bonus points given if I can import my current calendar into the new one, but this is not a mandatory feature. I would be willing to pay for this once, but not monthly. I would also like to be able to access the calendars from a browser. It's OK if it's one calendar, as long as things can be colored/tagged for different people/organizations. (Extra Bonus: It would be super lovely if it were a calendar that I could easily import to Wordpress, but this is more a dream than necessity.)
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I still haven't found a better application for cross-platform calendar synchronization than Zimbra, which is an excellent alternative to hosted Microsoft Exchange (which will also provide what you're looking for) or Google Apps.

If you use a Wordpress plugin that imports .ics calendars, you should be able to get that to work with Zimbra, and Zimbra will also import calendars saved in ics format from Google Apps. You can set up many calendars in a single account, but how many beyond the default calendar will sync via mobile sync depends on the capabilities of your phone.

You can purchase a single hosted "mailbox" - which includes full calendaring and mobile sync - from for around $60 per year, and there are other providers out there as well.
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Zimbra looks nice, but I am really hoping for something that will be much simpler to use. I really just need to be able to see two calendars at once to make sure things aren't getting double booked. I am really not looking to get into something that requires hosting unless I absolutely have to.
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I'm checking out for the same reason -- will try to remember to report back, but you might want to do your own check of it.
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That does look promising, I hope you'll remember to give us a report.
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I use
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