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What is up with the spam in the Gawker comments? Why have they not been able to filter them out yet?

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Actually a quite reasonable question. So, yes, you would think that this would be a company that could eradicate commenter spam. But it's a hard task.

And for a fairly large company, there aren't actually that many tech employees. For instance, Vox (publishers of The Verge and SB Nation sites) have something like ten designers on staff, not even counting tech folks. Gawker has essentially one designer. (At least in the U.S.) Companies like BuzzFeed have phenomenally large tech departments, dwarfing Gawker's. As well, Gawker has been fairly busy the last nine months rolling out its new tech components, currently up on a number of the sites, rolling onto Gawker itself shortly. That's taking up most of the time and energy, I think.

Another component is that for a long time Gawker employed a community manager to handle, approve and eliminate comments. That position was eliminated a year or so ago.

So, basically "why isn't x better" is the same answer as with any other company: it's not a priority. I'd imagine that, like the most of the rest similarly situated, they've taken some pretty good moves against commenter spam, but to totally nail it isn't in the list of must-dos.
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Well, they use their own platform, Kinja. And as RJR says above they haven't invested enough in either the platform or the community management.

It's not coping well with spammers adapting by including plausible looking introductions to comments that bork the spam spotting algorithms.
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The comment spam doesn't affect page views so there's no incentive to spend money on fixing it.
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I could have sworn I saw something on io9 a few days ago that as part of their redesign they're going to start holding comments as a way to eliminate spam. Of course, the redesign does not seem to include a decent search, so I can't find that post.
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I wonder if some of them are fake even? Gawker had a really loyal and quite hilarious set of commenters, many of whom were pretty upset with the redesign.
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Here's the post about Kinja/Gawker's new comment approval system.
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