Icons of Incompetence
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What cultural figure might you compare someone to (individual or group) if you wanted to portray them as bumbling and incompetent? E.g. Keystone Cops, Inspector Clouseau, the Washington Generals... I'm particularly interested in international examples that Americans (like me) might not know about.
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On the show Community they use "Britta" (one of the characters' names) to mean "to make a small mistake". Some other person as verb usages throughout entertainment have the general sense you're looking for and might be broadly familiar.
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Gaston Lagaffe
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The British might say Colonel Blimp, based on the David Low cartoons (and not the movie, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp). "Low developed the character after overhearing two military men in a Turkish bath declare that cavalry officers should be entitled to wear their spurs inside tanks."
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Mr Bean
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The Wise Men of Chelm
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American example, but Captain "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz from Rocky and Bullwinkle. You'll still occasionally hear someone say "wrong way, Peachfuzz!" when someone is lost or misguided.
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Not a person, but Fawlty Towers is a cultural touchstone for bumbling incompetence.
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It seems most cultures have their own version of "Polish" jokes. For example, in Ireland, you tell a Kerryman joke.
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Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot.
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Thomson and Thompson, the detectives from Tintin.
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Catarella from Il Commissario Montalbano.
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Mariano Melgarejo was president of Bolivia in the 1860s and his gross incompetence is the stuff of legend there.
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Van der Merwe is one from South Africa. The character Wikus Van der Merwe in District 9 is a reference.
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Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.
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Another British TV example (to join Mr Bean and Fawlty Towers): Dad's Army
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Agent 86 from Get Smart
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Mr. Magoo
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In Yiddish story telling tradition, when you want to tell a story about foolish people you would place it in the mythical village of Chelm.
A young housewife living in the town of Chełm had a very strange occurence. One morning, after buttering a piece of bread she accidentally dropped it on the floor. To her amazement, it fell buttered side up.
As everyone knows, whenever a buttered piece of bread is dropped on the floor, it always falls buttered side down; this is like a law of physics. But on this occasion it had fallen buttered side up, and this was a great mystery which had to be solved. So all the Rabbis and elders and wise men of Chełm were summoned together and they spent three days in the synagogue fasting and praying and debating this marvelous event among themselves. After those three days they returned to the young housewife with this answer:
"Madam, the problem is that you have buttered the wrong side of the bread."
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The St. Louis Browns, one of the worst but most colorful baseball teams in history.
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Wrong Way Corrigan.. Got his nickname by flying from NY to Ireland instead of California.
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Additional Wrong Way content: Wrong Way Riegels
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George W. Bush or Rick Perry
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Obama or Biden. See I can do it too... Stick to the program

Homer Simpson. It's in the dictionary under "to do a Homer"
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Barney Fife?
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The Chuckle Brothers
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