Searching For Painter's name. Monekys and Skeletons
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I am searching for the name of a painter. I am going to describe one painting I clearly remember. I saw these paintings when I was a child. The book of his works had the same theme of monkeys and skeletons involved in everyday activities. In the painting I remember, a skeleton (it may have been a couple) is in a bed with white sheets and leaning over to put out the light on a nightstand. There is a monkey or baboon sitting on the room's window sill. The images are realistic bordering on illustrations. This is all I have. And this is why I came to metafilter. Thank you for your help.
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That sounds like a Donald Roller Wilson.
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This is a big stretch that doesn't quite fit your description, but run a google image search for "David the Younger Teniers" plus "monkeys" (sorry I can't do links from my phone). You might also look up his painting called "The Initiation" - that and some of his other works have skulls/skeletons.
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Although I also doubt that you're looking for Boll/Teniers, it's also what came to mind for me...
sample here.
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This is also a longshot, but is it Tony Fitzpatrick?
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I really appreciate the suggestions. Neither is the artist, though it is interesting my keyword search brought up Teniers.

The artist is definitely a 20th century artist.
I should have mentioned that.

I'd be surprised if he is completely unknown as he had a book of his published in the mid to late 70s.
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I am guessing it was published then as it was my art teacher's book, she was young and the book was brand new. I know this logic makes no sense what so ever.
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One more point - the paintings have an almost Norman Rockwell illustrative quality.
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