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What's a good safe place to park a car for maybe 4 days along the I-80 corridor, south/west of Davis CA and north/east of the Bay Area?

A friend will be accompanying us on a camping trip and we're trying to consolidate cars - however he's on the road right now and we'll pick him up somewhere in this area. Is there a good Amtrak parking lot, for example, or something like that through here somewhere?
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The Amtrak station in Davis
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The factory outlets in Vacaville might be a good spot. If I was to do it, I would park near the Bank of the West considering they likely have even greater security.

Amtrak at Suisun has parking lot but I wouldn't. The Amtrak in Davis might better fit your bill.

The Microtel Motel near Dixon.

Any church might allow you if you asked permission.

If you are willing to eat a ticket, in a UC Davis campus lot.
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Best answer: Find a hospital near where you want to meet and leave the car in a well lite area close to the ER.
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