Cool hoods near Auburn?
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What funky, Indy neighborhoods are within commuting distance of Auburn, WA?

Space dwarf and the buffalo are likely headed Northwest. The buffalo will be working a 13 week assignment in Auburn, WA. If we like it, we will extend. So where do the mefites come in? Well, I want you to help me identify where to look for digs. You were right on cue when you told me Willy St in Madison, and Montrose in Houston. So again I come to you for advice-- where should we look for furnished, short term housin within commuting distance of Auburn, in an area that is edgy, hip, and fun? I'd lean towards nice-ish as well. We are mid-30s, so nothing too college-y if possible. We are professional, artistic, and outdoorsy.

Thanks Mefites!!

Space Dwarf
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I could be wrong, but from my understanding Auburn is VERY suburban so edgy and hip ain't happening. I would say if those things are a priority to you might want to look into the up and coming south Seattle neighborhoods like Georgetown, Columbia City and Beacon Hill. Since I don't get out to the 'burbs much maybe a true local will have better advice!
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I don't expect Auburn either -- just commuting distance. Will check those out!! Thanks! :)
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Do you have a maximum commute time? That would be really helpful!
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Living north of the Valley suburbs isn't too bad, commutewise, because you are going opposite the major traffic.

Consider if the Sound Transit "Sounder" commuter train will suit you.

I ride from the King Street Station (south of Downtown) to just the first valley station (Tukwila), and sometimes have a car to myself. From Georgetown to King Street Station is a few miles, but it's well served by wide-open 4th Ave or by buses... they might have even completed the cycle track by now.

The Sounder's great benefit is the small number of stops it makes, but because it shares track with freight trains, there are only a few runs per day.

You could use the Sounder northbound (far more crowded) from Tacoma to Auburn if you wanted to live in a Tacoma neighborhood like Ruston, the Stadium District, or Downtown (so much different than the '80s).
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There isn't much around or in Auburn. Columbia City is a great, changing neighborhood, but it seems like it could be an awful commute. If I were you, I'd live in Tacoma. It's just getting better and better (or so it seems to someone who doesn't live there), with lots going on in different neighborhoods. Wonderful old houses and apartment houses, many with spectacular views, but the prices are still reasonable. Tacoma is working hard to get rid of its old, noxious image (once you've smelled a working paper mill you pretty much don't want to return); the mill is gone but the memory lingers on. Museums, theatres, several universities, and within a few hours' drive of gorgeous back country, from mountains to seashore to rain forest. And close to Seattle, for the Big City stuff.

If you're coming in the Fall/Winter, make sure the place you rent has LOTS of windows. We do get short gray days in the winter, and as much natural light as possible helps a lot.
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Commute time is flexible. Buffalo's job is weekdays, but hours vary.
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