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XCOM: Enemy Unknown- PC or Console?

I'm not really a turn-based strategy kind of guy, but I played the demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my Xbox enjoyed it enough to consider purchasing. Here's the question: will my experience be significantly improved if I play on PC vs. continuing on a console? For the record, I would be using an Xbox controller either way, and my current PC is running a 3.4 GHz i7 3770, 16GB RAM, with a 2GB Geforce GT 620 card (is this even sufficient to play XCOM at med/high settings?).

Or should I just buy Anno 2070 on sale this weekend?
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PC in a heartbeat.

Mouse and keyboard is much, much more natural for TBS games, not to mention modding down the road and better textures and graphics overall. Your GT 620 should be fine.
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Best answer: You should be fine with those PC specs. I played it on medium settings on a four-year-old Core2 Duo with 4GB RAM on a 32-bit Windows (so, 3.25GB available). Don't recall what the graphics card is, but it sure as hell isn't a GT620.
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Either is fine, really, but you'll want to use your controller on the pc: certain aimed attacks (rockets, grenades, etc) are impossible to pull off with a mouse. This game was clearly designed from the ground up for consoles. I recently finished it on PS3, it's easily one of the best games of last year.
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There's a demo on Steam if you want to check if it will run on your PC.
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I'm a much more comfortable gamer on console than PC, but I got XCOM for PC, and play it with mouse and keyboard and love it. Winnipeg gives the reason that swayed me to PC - the mod potential for this game is off the charts. If that interests you at all, I'd go with PC.

Oktober: certain aimed attacks (rockets, grenades, etc) are impossible to pull off with a mouse.

Could you elaborate here? I have had zero issues using mouse and keyboard with this game, including rocket and grenade attacks - I can't even imagine what you are alluding to. I would think mouse would be easier to fine-tune your aim with, not harder.
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Yeah, I disagree with oktober's assessment of aiming rockets/grenades requiring a controller. I found it quite easy to do with the mouse, and in fact ended the game (classic/hardcore) with two such projectiles.

Although I own 2070 I haven't played it, but that series of game is pretty popular, and 2070 was well-received, so it might be worth picking it up anyway, what with it being half off.
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The Xbox didn't have the PC bug with UFO ceilings blocking your view, although they might have fixed that since I played. I finished the game with both versions and preferred the Xbox version because it was less buggy and the controller seemed to work better than mouse/keyboard (which was a surprise). It's much easier to rename your guys on the PC version, however.
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Ok, "impossible" was a little hyperbolic. I tried the demo on PC, and found aiming the grenade arc to be overly fiddly with the mouse. I was then given a copy for PS3, which I enjoyed immensely. Either way, have fun.
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Best answer: Now that I'm home, I just looked up the graphics card I have. It's a GTX 560, which is a couple years old, but mid-range at the time (it's a bit overpowered for the rest of the machine). The specs are actually better than the GT620, which is new but low-range. So there's that caveat: I have a much slower PC than you but with a better graphics card, and run the game in medium without difficulty. If there are issues, the graphics card would be the first thing to look at.
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