How to apply for a job when your licensure is pending your graduation?
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I’ll be graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in a certain medical paraprofessional field, and will be sitting for my licensing exam in April. The state will recognize me as a licensed paraprofessional upon the date of my graduation. I’d like to start looking for jobs after I sit for my exam, which I am confident I will pass but am unsure how to proceed.

Should I go ahead and start applying for jobs and sending out my resume before I graduate?
If I should, what's the best way to present that I'm 'license elligible' in my resume or coverletter?
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Yup, send out your resume and start applying for jobs.

In your cover letter mention that you're sitting your exam on Date and graduating on Date.

Some places may take a month or two to get you on-board, but they're going to want to talk to you NOW!

What do you have to lose?
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Yeah I agree, if you're not going to be able to start until after graduation then it's not a problem that you won't have your license until then. Start applying now.
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Just put something like:
BA, paraprofessional, Graduation May 2013 (or wevs)
in your resume. Cover letter clarifies when you're sitting the exam.

This is a known thing for many if not most professionals, and any employer will know what to do.

Expect that any contract you might sign before finding out is "subject to the employee providing confirmation of license before XYZ date", but that's no big deal.
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I work at a hospital and the earlier you apply the better. Some new RN's think they need to wait till they are official, but that's not true! Apply as soon as possible for the best odds. Openings for next fall are likely to be filled soon.
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