California Cycling Sonoma and/or Yosemite?
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Planning a vacation in California in May and was thinking I would like to do some cycling and see a bit of scenery. Sonoma and Yosemite seem attractive options, but where to stay and hire bikes? How many days should I set aside for this? I could be in the San Francisco area for ten days or so.

I am on a bit of a budget traveling alone, so the cost of accommodation is going to be a consideration. I have read that some hotels in Sonoma area offer free bike hire, but I imagine they will be out of my price range. Looking at airbnb there seems to be slightly more chance of staying in Santa Rosa than Sonoma, is that a reasonable idea for visiting Sonoma valley vineyards? Yosemite has 12 miles of paved roads for cycling on, which sounds like a lazy day's cycling. How long should I allow for a Yosemite visit?
Sorry, lots of questions!
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Best answer: So Santa Rosa will offer you access to Dry Creek Valley, and is right in the middle of some of the most spectacular cycling around. See, for instance, the Santa Rosa Cycling Club's 10 Great Rides. Or you can ride over to Valley of the Moon and see what's east of Santa Rosa.

So, yeah, Santa Rosa is an awesome place to stay if your goal is cycling.

I live in Petaluma, I think we have Bici Sport and Mike's Bikes both doing rentals.
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Best answer: I had a good experience with Sonoma Valley Bike Tours. The price was good, the people were accommodating, recommended a route based on what we wanted (distance, time, difficulty, wineries), we set off with a (provided) map pamphlet, and had a good time. We had the roads almost to ourselves, great scenery and weather. Visited some wineries. Bring a picnic lunch!

(As regards wine sampling, I'm used to alcohol as a thing at gatherings which are the destination - where you'll be spending some time. If you're expecting to hop on a bike shortly afterward and check out another winery, take into account the shorter-than-usual time between alcohol and being on the road. Of course you can also just spend some time relaxing and taking in the view before continuing.)
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Yosemite will depend on whether Tioga Rd. is open when you're there. It typically opens mid-May. If you want to do real cycling, I'd go to Sonomaland.
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Response by poster: Straw has been very helpful with this via Mefimail
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