Less-evil internet provider in the Cleveland Area?
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AT&T and Time Warner are trying to destroy net neutrality. And that's just the beginning. I'd like to vote with my feet (and dollars) - are there any ISPs in Cleveland that aren't evil?

AT&T and Time Warner are the ISPs that are always recommended to people in Cleveland. But they're both working hard on various ways to hurt consumers, particularly fighting against Net Neutrality. If possible, I'd like to buy from a company that is not working on destroying regulation (or at least doing less in that area). I will be getting rid of cable soon, so all I need is Internet access. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck Googling around for other / smaller ISPs

The only requirements are: speeds of at least 15 / 2 Mbps down/up, and available in Cleveland. Clear wireless is out because its download speed maxes out at 6 Mbps. No other qualifications, not even reliability: I have no problems trying out an ISP and judging for myself whether they’re reliable enough. So hit me with ANY options I should look into. Thanks!
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Depending on your locality, Cox -- http://ww2.cox.com/.
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Check out Net Index.

They should generate a list of ISPs for your vicinity sorted by speed, which you can then check out to see if you're in their service area and if you find their politics less egregious.
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2nding Cox. I had nothing but positive experiences with them.
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In Shaker and we use WOW for 15 up/5 down cable.
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Cox is by far the least evil of the big ISPs, and their service is typically pretty great. They are also one of the few big ISPs that refuses to turn over IP lists and is NOT participating in the new "six strikes" program, for which I respect them. If they're available, they're a better option for you.
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Awesome. Cox or WOW depending on who is in my area. Thanks folks!
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