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My baby is turning 1 in 9 days (!!!) and I need an awesome cupcake recipe for his party. His older brother had banana and (separately) oreo cupcakes for his, but neither of them really wowed me (which could have been the recipes, not the flavors. So give me your best suggestions!

The little man (and his brother) are not very picky (except for a dislike of spicy things by the youngest, but being cupcakes...), though we haven't done nuts yet, so avoid those (though his brother's birthday isn't far off and he LOVES peanut butter, so you can give me those too). He's had milk and eggs so those are fine in recipes.

So hit me with your best cupcake recipes!
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For your little one: Orange cupcakes with vanilla cream icing! Like a creamsicle!

For his brother: Peanut butter Snickers brownies!

For you, at some point: White Russian cupcakes! (These are BY FAR some of my favorite cupcakes ever, and my friends RAVE about them and request them specifically.)
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Or or or: homemade funfetti cupcakes! Just make sure you use the tiny round nonpareils, because the larger, oblong rainbow sprinkles don't turn out as pretty. (I speak from experience.)
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My kids (and nieces and nephews and various and sundry other children) went bananas over ice cream cone cupcakes. Take whatever batter you prefer (oh man those peanut butter snickers brownies sound DIVINE) and cook it in ice cream cones. Ice the top to complete the illusion.
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These are cute. My wife made them for one of our kids.
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I have had good luck with the baked goods recipes at Smitten Kitchen.

Just made the Double Chocolate Layer Cake for a birthday and it was divine! I see no reason it couldn't work as cupcakes. Just adjust the cooking time. There's a pound of chocolate in the icing! Although, with cupcakes you'd probably need less frosting as you don't need to fill between the layers.

Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting
My little one really likes maple flavored icing.

Homemade Ding Dong Cake
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Whatever you choose make sure you test out new foods on your son prior to the party, so that if he has a bad reaction it won't ruin his party. Know of some kids that tried chocolate for the first time at their birthday and had a bad day.
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For my daughter's first birthday I made many tiny vanilla sponge cupcakes which I then injected with jam and iced with vanilla icing topped with edible glitter and stars. They were delicious, cute and not difficult to make - just a bit fiddly. I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe. My daughter didn't have any teeth yet by this point so I was also going for something squidgy and delicious she could gum and still enjoy.
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I should add - I halved the sugar in the cupcakes and used 100% fruit jam, so they weren't too diabetes-inducing!
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