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Simply put, if one goes shopping for such things in traditional shops, it's shocking the markup %. Does the hive have any recommendations for sites with broad variety and competitive pricing?
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Truthfully? Amazon.
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Yep, Amazon.
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Also try comparing between the major sites. Good Vibes, Babeland, and Blowfish (my very it's-still-1997-on-the-internet favorite) all have different prices, different sales, different coupons. I think you get 20% off if you sign up for the Good Vibes newsletter, for example. If you're really picky, Amazon likely won't have the one or two things that seem like they're perfect for you. But if you're just looking for a handy buzzy thing, it's by far the best.
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Adam and Eve.
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Adam and Eve has a bunch of ongoing promotions which is good if they overlap what you are looking for. You can see some of them at online couponer places like this one or this one.
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Jessamyn brings up a great point for A&E. Let them e-mail you (and set up a filter in your email to file those away out of your inbox), and you'll get a new deal with a discount about every day, that expire in a few days.
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I don't care for Amazon or A&E much because there is so much garbage to wade through. Tapir-Whorf lists some quality places selling quality toys. If you don't buy from them you could at least look for toys on their site and then price check them elsewhere.
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If you're willing to wait, sells vibrators from time to time.
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I recently found a toy on Amazon that was exactly the same as one on Babeland, only its name was different (and it wasn't sold out!). The difference was only 8 dollars in this case, but there was also free shipping. AND IT WASN'T SOLD OUT. Babeland - Amazon - pink glass tentacle, one of the best toys I've ever had, just as an aside... Ah! and these were a much greater savings, Luna Beads, Babeland - Amazon - 22 dollars difference there, same exact item, and also free shipping.
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Healthy & Active is in a similar vein as A&E with respect to coupons.
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Beware of counterfeit toys being sold on Amazon. Read the reviews and be careful.

(our previous reply had a link to a blog page about spotting counterfeits, but that was deleted)
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