ghost skype? malware?
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A few minutes ago, my macbook pro (OSX 10.6.8) played what I think was the Skype incoming call chime. I didn't think Skype was running, and as I was Cmd-Tabbing through applications to see if I'd accidentally left Skype turned on, the webcam light briefly flashed. Skype wasn't running, but I double-checked by starting Activity Monitor, and didn't see any processes with Skype in the name. I'm not totally sure it was the skype chime, because I don't use skype often. I do have google chat running in gmail with video chat enabled, but there were no visible notifications in the gmail window. I suppose it could've been a deceptive flash ad in a browser tab, but it's the webcam light that creeps me out. Any ideas what might have happened? Should I find a malware scanner? Is that even a thing? The last ask.metafilter match for "osx malware" is almost 2 years old.
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Never mind. It was google chat. Friend's android phone was accidentally sending video chat requests, and the chat request doesn't leave a visible trace when it's been cancelled.

That doesn't explain why google turns on the webcam without waiting for me to accept the chat.
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If Google chat is like Android in that regard, it shows you a little preview of the picture you'd send while you get ready to accept, which I find rather helpful and not cause for paranoia.
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I suppose that's reasonable. Better if one knows about it in advance, though!
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