Writing class in LA - NOT looking to be next big screen writer
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I'm looking for something in Los Angeles that is similar to the Loft in Minneapolis - writing classes for all abilities and ambitions. I am not looking to write the next Pulp Fiction, only to have fun and actually write. I've found one potential place so far - this is a big city!! I must be missing something... right?

Are there any generalist creative writing workshops around? I'm actually located in Pasadena, so bonus points for suggestions on this side of town.
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I don't know, but if I were you I would head down to Vroman's Bookstore and ask around. I worked there a few years ago and the staff are super super helpful, obsessed with writing, and I bet someone there would point you in just the right direction.
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UCLA Extension has a pretty broad range of writing classes, including "general interest" ones. It's been a few years for me, but there was a pretty broad range of people and writing skill in my classes. If memory serves, they offer classes downtown and online in addition to Westwood.
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My mom found a writing group through the Arcadia public library, so maybe try Pasadena's?
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UCLA is a schlep from Pasadena--I'd try PCC first.
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Maybe email the Loft and ask them what they know about in other cities/nationally?
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Seconding Writing Pad.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! Sorry, life took me away for awhile. Does anyone have personal experience at the writing pad? That is the one place I came up with in my own searches.
Also, in investigating this, I also discovered that the Loft offers online classes....
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