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So I'm moving to Seattle, what are the best spots to live nearest to Seattle University? Thanks. The more condo loft like the better thanks thanks.
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I live 2 blocks from SU and love it to bits - pretty much anywhere within a 10 block radius of the school is great (Central District/Cherry Hill/Squire Park). Can't address condo/loft, is a good Seattle-area realty site.
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The name of the place you want is "The Pike-Pine Corridor".
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Capitol Hill
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I live a couple blocks from SU, too. I had looked at a gorgeous loft but it ended up being too small for all my stuff. I'll take a walk by it and see if there might be any vacancies.
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First Hill has some nice studio apartments as well. I'm three blocks from SU and am paying $690 a month.

Added benefit, Areas of First Hill are oddly quiet for where it's situated.
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If you're going to be renting, I'd suggest looking at craigslist seattle for places. There were a ton of good places to look at when we moved here a couple of months ago (we ended up near the Zoo north of the canal so I don't know your area as well).

The suggestions above are good for areas near the Seattle University from what I know of them.

If you're willing to live a little bit further away and are looking to use public transit to get to the uni, check out the Seattle Bus Monster for google maps that show where the buses are in real time.

The linked map shows bus stops around the university, just click on a "pin" and it will show you the buses that visit that stop.
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Another place to look for Seattle rentals is in the Seattle Times. Search the "Downtown & Central Seattle" area, and any or all of the listed neighborhoods people have listed above.
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I just visited Seattle for the first time last weekend. Nice town, vibrant, great arts scene. But everything closes down at 5 p.m. and when the Tacoma Aroma blew in I wished that I was dead.

There are apartment guidebooks all over the place, given out in metal boxes like the free entertainment weeklies and such. One was the size of a travel guide, about 300 pages thick, and free.
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Not sure what you were smelling, solid-one-love, but it wasn't likely Tacoma. The "Tacoma Aroma" is caused by pulp mills in the Port of Tacoma. On a very bad day, the smell, which can be overwhelming over about a 5 mile radius around the port and North Pierce County I-5 corridor, to be sure - barely makes it past downtown Tacoma to the west or Fife to the north east. That's 32 miles south of Seattle. In 40 years, I've never once smelled Tacoma in King County, let alone to the point of wishing I were dead.

Also, if everything you looked at closed by 5, I suggest you find a better guide for your next visit to Seattle. Personally, I'd say most of the really interesting things in Seattle are barely getting started by 5.
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The Stranger Guide to Seattle is probably the way to go.
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