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On Android, is there a way in any of the available browsers to turn off honoring <meta name = "viewport" content = "initial-scale = x.x, user-scalable = no">? I'm sick of designers that don't want me to zoom in on their preciously designed mobile site.
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Er, not sure if it literallly does the technical thing you are asking, but Dolphin has been working far better for me than other browsers I have tried. It let's you toggle between mobile and desktop versions of a site and adjust text size. And offers multitouch zoom.

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In Chrome for Android: Three dots in the upper right/Settings/Accessibility: check "Force Enable Zoom. Override a website's request to prevent zooming in."
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Voodoochile’s answer seems pretty spot-on, but I whipped up this bookmarklet. It reads the viewport tag and replaces the “user-scalable” section to allow zooming. I don’t have an Android handy to test on, but it works just fine on my iPhone.
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I wrote the Always Zoom add-on for mobile Firefox to do exactly this.
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