Trans-friendly therapist in Melbourne AU?
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(Australian) Melbournian mefites - can any of you recommend a trans-friendly therapist?

Hello - I'm asking this question for my lovely partner. He's asked me to help him find some sort of therapy to help with his anxiety. He identifies as genderqueer and has had some unfortunate experiences in the past when seeking therapy, so we would really appreciate any recommendations - basically someone who is trans-aware and good with anxiety.

He's open to psychiatry as well as psychology/counseling, and is located in the inner northern suburbs. I've found some names on and the Zoe Belle Gender Centre website, but any personal recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :-)

Throwaway email:
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I don't know anyone personally, but I know the medical centre in Pran Central (cnr Chapel & Commercial, Prahran) is LGTBI friendly. I'm not sure if they have psych services there, but they will probably be able to recommend someone. Or point you in the right direction.
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Northside Clinic in North Fitzroy is primarily a LGBT practice. I'm confident they would be able to recommend someone.
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A friend of mine saw counsellor Debra Glowaski in Richmond pre and during transition. I can't find anything online about her practice or style, sorry. I'm not sure who her psychiatrist was though.
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Dr Finton Harte. He's the head of the Gender Dysphoria Clinic at Monash. His details are easily found on google. Not sure what he does in terms of private work, but he would be a good jumping off point.
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